Pete’s Master Bathroom

(Click on this photo to see more before and after shots)

Pete & Kathy wanted a new bathroom for the home they just bought. And they needed one! Not only were the gray and maroon tiles painful to look at, the floor under the existing shower was rotted, down to the joists.

They wanted the bathroom cabinetry to feel like furniture. Heavy furniture. So, Kathy gave me a page torn out of a magazine that kind of represented the style they wanted and out came the old bathroom – joists,sub-floor, cabinets, tiles, toilet. Everything but the kitchen sink (which, of course, is still in the kitchen!)

They chose a different kind of counter top than the more common tile, granite or marble. Kathy wanted wood. So, I built a counter top of thick (1.5 inches) solid oak. Not veneer. Not ply. And it’s about 9′ long. It’s a substantial. And is a real piece of furniture, just like they wanted.

The old, maroon bathtub and small, dark shower stall has been replaced with a large shower with multiple shower heads and frameless glass.

Click on the photo above or here to see a slideshow with ‘before and after’ photos.

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